Company Profile


"To give the latest and most innovative designs to the architectural hardware world , our commitment to differ from our counterparts remain firm and we always will strive to raise the standards of innovation."


Who we are?

"The company is a brain child of couple of young engineers who constantly support new ideas and keep delivering something different to the architectural world."



"To run the business by ethical ways and build Flint as the most trustworthy brand."


Vishal Products is a Manufacturer of Stainless Steel Architectural Hardware Products in Gujarat, India. A company headed by a Mechanical Engineer of one of the most premium institute of India and having an experience of 2 years working in a MNC. Company is totally supported by an Computer Engineer who clears down all the flaws in designs of hardware and makes the management totally computerized. All the engineering skills are used at the optimum level in manufacturing of all architectural hardware products. Each & every processes are minutely monitored so that our customers get consistent quality in our all products. We are the only company in India which has worked upon the psychological effects and personality types related to different shapes of handles.


At the end of the day, such facts helps our customers to be more precise and specific about their needs.


"Immediately after the first year of company, the production capacity has raised to 40,000 handles per month."


Our company has trained staff to handle any events; right from the receipt of orders to dispatch of finished goods. Our staff is one of the highest paid staff in our industrial area. This results in higher productivity and timely delivery of goods. All the Handles before packaging are being checked by the quality department in the standard size gauge to verify the hole centre distance. We have our own in-house full fledged buffing department and all the necessary conventional and non conventional machines like surface grinding machine in our workshop only. Our delivery system is so configured enabling us to deliver the ordered quantity exactly on time to save time cost and inventory management cost. We proudly claim that all the processes done on our products are never sub-contracted from outside, everything is processed inside the plant only. By minimizing the inventory cost, wear and tear cost, overhead cost etc. We try to bring down the prizes of our products so that cost benefit is passed on to the end customers. All the products have been ergonomically designed to bring the utter most comfort while using it. Our dealer network is spread all across India. We have never compromised on our quality and accuracy front and we just not only manufacture architectural hardware products but also the trust of our customers.